Homeschooling Fun

Looking back, I wasted so much of my summer worrying about my upcoming plan to homeschool. Top on my ‘Unnecessary Worry List’ was the curriculum. Thankfully, in addition to having a wonderful family guide and supply me with the perfect (engaging and Biblical worldview) books, they encouraged me to allow each child to follow his/her own interests. What a concept, right?

When we began our study on animals, I challenged Ruthie to learn all about an animal of HER choice and TEACH US! She spent the next two weeks researching horses, jotting down notes and practicing her presentation. She invited the family over to my friend’s farm and did an EXCELLENT job presenting lots interesting facts on Zaida, the sweetest horse model!

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MEMORIES/gifts 7.0

Back in 2015, Matthew had an idea. Instead of FILLING UP OUR HOUSE EVEN MORE WITH ITEMS NONE OF US TRULY NEEDED ‘buying gifts,’ we should take a TRIP and create family MEMORIES instead!

Since we’ve never taught the kids to believe in Santa, we were able to simply explain this idea to them. Although they were only 9, 7 and 2 years old, they all, surprisingly, were on board!

Over the years, we’ve done a wide-variety of trips. Some have been short and sweet (and cheap). While some years, we’ve spent a little extra money and time. Drive or fly, land or sea, they have ALL combined to equal our FAVORITE-FAMILY-TRADITION!

Wanna’ know what inspired THIS year’s trip?!?

Discovering the people, food and culture of an exotic location?
Checking another National Park off our list?
Wild pigs swimming in turquoise water?


Matthew got a call from Hilton wanting us to sit through a timeshare presentation in exchange for 4-nights in Orlando at one of their nice resorts. Sooo, that made this year’s decision pretty easy!

The kids & Matthew loved Universal’s Islands of Adventure!

Personally, my favorite part was Ruthie and I SNEAKING INTO ‘allowing ourselves unapproved access’ into a national championship DOG SHOW!

Across the street from our hotel, were HUNDREDS (if not in the THOUSANDS) of the best dogs in the United States! Although the preliminary competitions were not open to the public, if you know me and Ruthie, you already KNOW what happened when we drove by and saw dogs leaving and entering a side-door for potty breaks.

Without thinking through it, we got Matthew to just let us out of the car. We ran; but, quickly decided we’d better act cool and just act like we knew what we were doing.

My family and I love to reminise with photo books and videos. So, I try to put together our favorite memories from each Christmas trip. Plus, focusing on the highlights helps you remember the BEST parts (perhaps, forgetting the fact that Ruthie had to sleep on the hotel floor using couch cushions as her bed)!

Here’s our latest video from Orlando:

If you think you’d like to try a TRIPS over GIFTS too, my best advice is:

* Make sure everyone’s on board… especially the kids!

* Stick to the plan (to avoid bankrupt and confusion) by actually NOT buying gifts. If you can’t fathom the idea, just STOCKINGS (with cheaper items) are a great option.

* Lastly, unless you all delight in buying things, consider cutting-back or giving experiences to other’s as well!

Here’s our other years!
2015: Pagosa Springs, CO (video: HERE)
2016: Cruise
2017: New Mexico
2018: Cruise
2019: Cruise
2020: Surprise Arkansas Visit + Short Time in Colorado (aka: SO.MUCH.TIME in the car!)
2021: Orlando, FL

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Nathan & Charity

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights”
-James 1:17

Praise the Lord for…
Godly couples,
chasing sunsets,
chocolate turtles in downtown Helen,
garlic bread and pizza with wonderful friends,
learning Contra dancing as a family,


What a GREAT night celebrating all the wonderful gifts from God!

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Sean, Christine, Cianna & Anjolie

It’s been so fun taking pictures for the Tangs over the years! Whether it’s beautiful birthday parties or Lifestyle Sessions in jammies, it’s always great to see their girls growing-up! Here’s a few from my last session of the season…

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Bob, Kelly, Brady & Emily

Driving with my windshield wipers on, I assumed Kelly and Bob’s family session would probably be cancelled because of the rain. But I stepped out of my car and, instantly, spotted a beautiful rainbow! I couldn’t help but SMILE at one of God’s many, many promises!

Not only did the rain stop, the weather was beautiful and God blessed us with some beautiful light!

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to document Bob, Kelly, Brady and, of course, lil’ Emily! A lot of LOVE between this beautiful family. Such a sweet, fun season to capture with precious, little children!

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The Briens

When reading about Lydia in the Bible this morning, I thought about a friend of mine. Lydia seemed to be kind, thoughtful and very hospitable… just a few of the things I’ve personally experienced with Lindy!

Long before we signed papers on our house in Georgia, Lindy drove to the spot where my house is now and prayed over it. She delivered a meal (fit for a king) on our move-in day. She also pulled some strings to get her kids to give my kids a tour of their new school… when it was officially closed for Christmas break, nonetheless!

It’s been fun watching the kids grow up behind the lens. (If you’ve seen my “What is Lifestyle Photography” video, you’ll probably recognize this family!) But, it’s even better having a friend like Lindy!

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